Saranoni - Minky Bibs 3-Pack


Minky - Ultra-soft absorbent material

Bibs - As a new mom, you naturally want to make your little one’s world comfortable and safe. At Saranoni, we have everything covered, from the highchair to the rocking chair! Our bibs provide the softest touch for sensitive skin, are easy to clean, and are made of our highly absorbent minky fabric to protect outfits and surfaces!


  • Bib: Generously sized at 9” x 12”, with three adjustable snaps at the neck.
  • Fabric: Ultra-soft minky fabric, 100% Polymicrofiber
  • Color Options (3 pack):
    • Girl: Bloom, Ballet Slipper, Mist
    • Boy: Navy, Hunter, Gray
  • Care: Wash cold without softeners or pods and hang to dry.