Clip & Carry Stroller Hooks



With our 2-pack of Clip ‘N Carry Stroller Hooks, you can take anything and everything with you as you adventure around the block or around the world. These innovatively designed hooks with non-slip adjustable straps and heavy-duty carabiner clips attach to ANY stroller bar – large, small, horizontal, diagonal or vertical! Simply strap them on and you can easily carry shopping bags, diaper bags, purses and more on your stroller. The Clip ‘N Carry’s spring-lock hooks discourage theft and their closed-loop design won’t get caught on clothing or blankets like an open hook does. TIP: Using 2 hooks together allows for safer weight distribution on your stroller. Beyond the stroller years, these hooks are great on bicycles, in the car or on wheelchairs. Good thing you get two in each pack!