Fat Brain - VolleyShot


VolleyShot - Keep the Volley Going!

How long can you keep the volley going?

Each player operates a paddle, knocking the ball back and forth until somebody misses.

All it takes is a single hiccup to miss, and every miss is a point for your opponent. Stay focused. Stay steady. The first to 10 points wins!

Perfect for game nights, parties, or even on the bus, VolleyShot is a quality challenge everyone will enjoy.

VolleyShot Features:

  • Skill game of knocking a ball back and forth.
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, concentration.
  • Flip your paddle to knock the ball back to your opponent.
  • If your opponent misses, you score a point.
  • First to score 10 points wins.
  • Features built-in score slider on both sides.
  • Includes one VolleyShot game.
  • Assembly required, tools and instructions included.
  • High-quality solid wood parts.

Challenge your friends and family with VolleyShot - perfect for exciting game nights and parties!