Ikks Fragrances


A fragrance just like big people! IKKS, the baby fragrance for babies already claiming their independence. Enjoy trying the IKKS BABY Baby Fragrance with its new alcohol-free clean formula, made with 89.9% natural ingredients. All controversial ingredients have been removed from the fragrance, which is slightly different from the first one, all while remaining one you’ll love using to perfume your baby from birth in complete safety. It’s a light fragrance, with all of our childhood rushing back through top notes with fresh lavender accents combined with the original delectability of cream. Tenderness and softness are expressed at the heart of this baby fragrance through floral notes and the richness of honey, to unfurl over a base of sandalwood, white musk and tonka, which express the IKKS modern edge.

Young Man

You’ll love Young Man, the cult IKKS fragrance. It’s an invigorating eau de toilette for “kid boys” who dream of wide open spaces and show they have a rock spirit. Grape, blackcurrant, basil are the fresh, fruity top notes that linger lightly over this fragrance. Its middle notes of coriander, liquorice and lavender reveal a personality being asserted. It’s a fragrance that’s already got that masculine edge with subtle base notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and white musk for worldly, independent young boys.

Young Girl

Ikks Little Woman by Ikks Perfume. Indulge your senses with a delightful and tantalizing aroma when you wear Ikks Little Woman for women. Created in 2000 by scent designers at Ikks, this lovely fragrance lingers when you leave the room and makes you unforgettable. This heavenly scent combines floral notes of geranium and jasmine, warm notes of sandalwood and cardamom, and a juicy splash of bergamot. Ikks Little Woman is perfect to wear when heading to the office or going out for a night on the town.