Joolz Aer Bumper Bar

By Joolz

It’s nice to have something familiar to hold onto when you’re venturing out into the big wide world. Hang your little one’s favourite toys off this elegant bumper bar to make them feel extra comfortable and secure, with a little extra touch of playfulness.

The Joolz Aer bumper bar is available in a choice of colours that match your leatherette handlebar and attaches effortlessly to the stroller's frame. It’s easy to use with just one hand, so you can quickly pop it open if you want to pick your baby up. And when it’s time to continue on your way, simply click it closed again, and off you go.

easily connects to Joolz Aer for added security and comfort
quick and easy to open with one hand on both sides
measurements: 17" x 7.5" x 2"

Brown Carbon matches the Joolz Aer matches with: Delightful grey and Elegant blue
Mid Brown Carbon matches the Joolz Aer matches with: Mighty green, Lovely taupe & Ocean blue
Black Carbon matches the Joolz Aer Matches with: Refined black, Absolute Pink, Splendid blue & Sage Green 

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