Lamaze My Friend Jasmine™ Clip & Go

By Lamaze

Lamaze’s My Friend Jasmine is an ideal first doll for your baby! She's dressed in an adorable pink romper with crinkly legs and various fascinating fabric textures to explore. She has a sweet embroidered face and a rattle flower tethered to her hand like a cute purse. With all these engaging features, Jasmine helps guide your baby through important developmental stages. Bright, contrasting colors and patterns stimulate visual development, while different textures to grip and grab help improve fine motor skills and tactile development. Jasmine is also perfect for bonding time, promoting early role play and social skill development as your baby grows. Jasmine loves to travel too! She includes a large clip for easy attachment to a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, and more. Sensory learning will bloom into a lovely new friendship with Lamaze’s My Friend Jasmine.

Lamaze’s My Friend Jasmine

  • Bonding Moments: Promotes close, nurturing interactions between baby and caregiver and early imaginative play
  • Developmental Toy: Enhances both tactile and fine motor skill development with engaging textures to explore and grab
  • Sensory Toy: Bright colors and contrasting patterns, along with entertaining sounds from the tethered rattle, stimulate baby's attention and aid in visual and auditory development
  • Travel with Friends: Large clip attaches easily to stroller, car seat, diaper bag, and more for on-the-go fun
  • Lamaze: It’s Time to Play! There’s no better way to share your love, bond with your child, and help them feel secure than through playtime together