YOYO 0+ Bassinet - Toffee

By YoYo

Babyzen’s all-new YoYo2 and YoYo+ Bassinet offers next-level comfort for newborns on-the-go. Whether in and out of the car or on and off of planes, the easy detachment allows parents to keep kiddo napping while folding their stroller. 

The new Bassinet option breaks ground for Babyzen, allowing you to detach your bassinet from the stroller to keep kiddo asleep, while folding your stroller with your free hand. Folding is still a one-handed affair, but you’re no longer forced to take your baby out of the bassinet when folding the stroller. Saving you from some headaches, the bassinet quickly and easily attaches and detaches, weighing an appealingly light 6.7lbs. Keeping it comfy and cool for kiddo, the shell has been designed for airflow and the mattress is plush and breathable. The cocoon is designed to handle all weather, with UPF 50+ fabric that is also water repellant, and a hard shell that won’t be whipped around by the wind.